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Back to roots was founded by Maria Kidangalil and Joseph Therappel in the year 2018  with a vision to establish a market for Kerala grown exotic fruits like Mangosteen, Rambutan, Dragon fruit, Avocados etc. Before a decade ago farmers were growing cash crops like, Rubber, Tea and Coffee, however fluctuations in the market left them hopeless. Back to roots came into the space to provide a helping hand as well to work with farmers of Kerala to create a market place for the home-grown exotic fruits.

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The goal we strive to achieve is to provide our customers with innovative solutions and exceptional experiences moving forward. Achieving new heights and pushing boundaries as we progress.

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Back to Roots

As the name ‘Back to Roots’ hints, we believe in going back to the good old days of fresh and safe consumption of fruits. We work with farmers to assure the best for our customers. They say customer is the king, for us both farmers and customers are important.
We stand rooted with the farmers to align with fair trade practices. Back to roots played a vital role in educating farmer communities that growing fruits can be economically viable and profitable. Our direct to customer approach (D2C) helps us in understanding the changing needs of individual customers. We use this learning to work with the farmers/growers in producing quality fruits that are pesticide and residue free.
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The brand value

Back To Roots has become a key player in the Fruit and Vegetables market (commonly known as FnV) , we were the first ones to introduce our own branded fruit boxes in 2021 which has created a lot of buzz in the market. Today back to roots is becoming household name by home delivering fruits

The Value

Why we got into the Residue and Pesticide Free Food Business?

‘Residue and pesticide free’ food was simply a way of life for our grandparents and those before them. Rapid use of chemical and fertilizers over the years have forced people to seek out for a healthy way of living, rooted back in tradition. The word ‘organic’ has unfortunately been reduced to a marketing tool or a fad that only the economically well off sections of society can enjoy. Our endeavour is to be different by bringing traditionally grown food products to every household while giving back to our producer communities.

Making healthy choices easy!

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About Us

Back to roots was founded in the year 2018 with a vision to establish a market for Kerala grown exotic fruits like Mangosteen, Rambutan, Dragon fruit, Avocados etc.

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